Who am I?

Personal Details

  • Name: Ruben Douma
  • Age: 22
  • Nationality: Citizen of The Netherlands
  • Address: The Netherlands, Amsterdam, Kinkerstraat 201f
  • Phone: (+316) - 048690301
  • Email: ruben_douma@hotmail.com

Professional Profile

Hello! Welcome to my personal page. I am a passionated entrepreneur and student. I like to explore the world and one of my biggest interests is innovation. I study Strategic Management at the Erasmus University in Rotterdam. I believe that my positive entrepreneurial insights will help me to create positive strategies that don't harm the environment.

My Professional Background

Work Experience

2014 June - Present

Douma Enterprises


Job Description

The core business of Douma Enterprises lies in the internet business. Douma Enterprises creates websites, webshops, online marketing strategies and online advise for SME's. Beside the creation of services is Douma Enterprises also active in the exploitation of a webshop for cycling products. This webshop gives local cycling shops the oppertunity to open their own webshop on a online platform. Douma Enterprises has recently started to resell custom designed cycling clothes to companies, events and cycling clubs.

2015 June - 2016 June

Committee member

External relations

Job Description

As a member of the Innovation Study Trip committee at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam I was responsible for the external relations. Most of the work consisted out of organizing visits and interactive day programms at companies in South-Korea.I have realised visits to top ranked high-technology companies, innovative start-ups and the Dutch embassy.

2015 September - 2016 January



Job Description

As a trainee I conducted a research for Deerns BV in Rijswijk. The research was focused on the possibilities to enter two new high-technology markets as a high-technology engineer company. I have researched how a company like Deerns could enter a high-technology market and what the inluence of competitors and the internal company structure on this market entry were. At the end I created a strategy for Deerns that instructed the company how they could overcome competitors, how to change internal structures and how to enter a new market.

2012 - 2014

Help Student

Job Description

Helping people that were not able to care for themselves. The work consisted out of helping with househould activities, gardening and construction jobs in and around private property.

2009 - 2012

Butchery Klaver

Production assistent

Job Description

Assisting the owner and head butcher in controlling the production- and planning process of the butchery. Working as a butcher to produce meat for customers.

My Education


2016 September - 2016 June

Erasmus University Rotterdam

MSc Strategic Management

School Profile Description

This programme contains the latest insights into managerial strategy from one of Europe's top tier business schools. Particular attention is paid to three key managerial activities: analysis, formulation and implementation of strategies.

2012 September - 2016 January

Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

BSC Science, Business & Innovation

School Profile Description

This study is focused on the translation of technologies into innovatie, market-focused applications. Science, Business & Innovation consists out of a combination of nature-, social- and economic subjects. During the programm I've learned how R&D is done and how it can potentially be of economical- and social value. Students are trained to develop technologies into a serious business model.

2006 September - 2012 June

Almere College Dronten


School Profile Description

High School

What I’m best at

Skills & Knowledge


Science 25%
Business 25%
Innovation 20%
Strategy 30%
Total 100%



Score: 7.5

Drivers Licence

B & AM

Language Skills



  • Entrepreneurship
  • Business innovation
  • Technology innovation
  • Strategic management
  • Technology transfer
  • Leadership
  • HTML & SEO
  • IT strategy
  • Business analysis
  • Marketing strategy

Hobbies & Interests

  • Sports


    Field hockey, Running and Cycling

  • Innovation


    The interest in how the world can become easier and better by implementing new findings.

  • Strategy


    It is interesting to see that you can improve a company's lifetime and overcome competitors by having a good strategy.

  • Technology


    The possibilities to solve problems and make life better with technology.

  • Travel


    I'm always into exploring new cultures world-wide. Still have the dream to travel to Patagonia.

  • Music


    Playing guitar


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